Filtrează - Brosa cu cristale Jasmine Burgundy
120.00 RON - Brosa traditionala, cusuta de mana
14.98 RON - Brosa cu cristale Pure Beauty
115.00 RON - Brosa cusuta manual, fetita
14.98 RON - G92 Corset elegant cu burete, accesorizat cu paiete si brosa
98.00 RON - Brosa cu cristale Jasmine Blue Sapphire
120.00 RON - Brosa cu perle si cristale Paradisio
95.00 RON - Brosa cusuta de mana, potcoava
14.98 RON - Brosa cusuta, motiv traditional floare
14.98 RON


In our category for other accessories, we prepared anything for you that you could not find in the previous categories. No matter if it's a brooch, key ring, ear muffs or hairband, you will hopefully find what you need.

Style your hair with headpieces

Headpieces are right now really trendy, and they are the perfect accessory if you want to look different every day. You should totally style your hair with some headpieces for the ultimate look. Plus, a statement headband or head piece can be a great alternative to a hat.

Be fabulous! Wear a headwrap and an off-the-shoulder top

Lately, headwraps have gradually started to take over the space in our closets once occupied by brim hats. And it’s hard not to be attracted by these accessories that will help to keep your hair and scalp stylishly protected from the sun, especially in the summer. A headwrap will look gorgeous combined with an off-the-shoulder top, a backless top or with a cut-out top.

Bobby pins- the timeless accessory

Bobby pins are one of the few beauty tools with endless uses, and they can give your look a wow factor that will leave everyone asking what your secret is.