Cadou Be Refreshed - Cadou Be Refreshed
232.00 RON
Cadou Magical Sunset - Cadou Magical Sunset
612.00 RON
Cadou Magical Treats - Cadou Magical Treats
64.00 RON
Cadou Deep Breath - Cadou Deep Breath
261.00 RON
Cadou Roses in Bloom - Cadou Roses in Bloom
279.00 RON
Cadou Sparkling Wishes - Cadou Sparkling Wishes
273.00 RON
Cadou Into the Clouds - Cadou Into the Clouds
137.00 RON
Cadou Clear Wind - Cadou Clear Wind
174.00 RON
Cadou Miss Pink - Cadou Miss Pink
187.00 RON
Cadou Spicy Situations - Cadou Spicy Situations
141.00 RON
Cadou Candy Canes - Cadou Candy Canes
132.00 RON
Cadou Flower Breeze - Cadou Flower Breeze
469.00 RON
Gel De Dus Cremos Bourjois Exalte Moi 250 ml - Gel De Dus Cremos Bourjois Exalte Moi 250 ml
14.89 RON
Gel de Dus si Baie TREETS cu Perle 300 ml - Gel de Dus si Baie TREETS cu Perle 300 ml
36.04 RON
Cadou Gentlemen Time - Cadou Gentlemen Time
196.00 RON
Cadou Blue Nights - Cadou Blue Nights
249.00 RON
Cadou Spicy Spell - Cadou Spicy Spell
176.00 RON
Cadou Citrus Blossom - Cadou Citrus Blossom
312.00 RON
Cadou Mister Right - Cadou Mister Right
172.00 RON
Cadou Spicy Sweetness - Cadou Spicy Sweetness
233.00 RON
Cadou Special Moments - Cadou Special Moments
327.00 RON
Cadou Sweet & Sour - Cadou Sweet & Sour
243.00 RON
Cadou Sea of Roses - Cadou Sea of Roses
211.00 RON
Cadou Be always in Bloom - Cadou Be always in Bloom
295.00 RON
Cadou Mister Right Now - Cadou Mister Right Now
54.00 RON
Cadou Fruity Pink - Cadou Fruity Pink
206.00 RON
Cadou So Perfect - Cadou So Perfect
209.00 RON
Cadou Her Way - Cadou Her Way
199.00 RON
Cadou Bath of Roses - Cadou Bath of Roses
133.00 RON
Cadou Above the Stars - Cadou Above the Stars
156.00 RON
Cadou Twinkle - Cadou Twinkle
68.00 RON
Cadou Sparkly Holidays - Cadou Sparkly Holidays
173.00 RON
Cadou Ready Steady PLV - Cadou Ready Steady PLV
312.00 RON
Cadou Scent of Summer - Cadou Scent of Summer
292.00 RON
Cadou Blooming Flowers - Cadou Blooming Flowers
168.00 RON
Cadou Down to Earth - Cadou Down to Earth
128.00 RON
Cadou Silent Evenings - Cadou Silent Evenings
308.00 RON
Set cadou Trio Kit Jasmine - Set cadou Trio Kit Jasmine
78.00 RON
Cadou Purple Dreams - Cadou Purple Dreams
274.00 RON
Cadou Mister Almost Perfect - Cadou Mister Almost Perfect
208.00 RON
Cadou Cosmic Love - Cadou Cosmic Love
221.00 RON
Cadou Flower Garden - Cadou Flower Garden
265.00 RON
Cadou Simply the best - Cadou Simply the best
196.00 RON
Cadou Just Her - Cadou Just Her
244.00 RON
Cadou Make a Wish - Cadou Make a Wish
174.00 RON
Cadou Hidden Pearls - Cadou Hidden Pearls
261.00 RON
Cadou His Moment - Cadou His Moment
356.00 RON
Cadou Taste of Holiday - Cadou Taste of Holiday
203.00 RON
Cadou Little Star - Cadou Little Star
101.00 RON
Cadou I heart Jasmine - Cadou I heart Jasmine
225.00 RON
Cadou Candy Box - Cadou Candy Box
164.00 RON
Cadou Flower Breeze - Cadou Flower Breeze
178.00 RON
Cadou Just Us Two - Cadou Just Us Two
74.00 RON
Cadou Celebration Wishes - Cadou Celebration Wishes
428.00 RON
Cadou Jasmine Bouquet - Cadou Jasmine Bouquet
408.00 RON
Cadou Spring Renewal - Cadou Spring Renewal
435.00 RON
Cadou Revealed Secrets - Cadou Revealed Secrets
537.00 RON
Cadou Tropical Wonder - Cadou Tropical Wonder
193.00 RON
Cadou Vibrant Colors - Cadou Vibrant Colors
208.00 RON
Cadou Be Happy - Cadou Be Happy
131.00 RON

Îngrijirea corpului & Articole de baie

Here you will find body lotions, body sprays, shower gels, bath bubbles and a lot more, all from many different lables.

Heavenly spa-like experience with the best products!

Who doesn’t love that feeling of taking a hot bath and melting all of the day’s stress away? You have to make more time to enjoy special moments like this! From strawberry-scented bath foams to exotic shower-gels, here you will find all you need to turn a simple bath into a heavenly spa-like experience.

Prepare your skin for the sun and your maxi dresses for a memorable summer!

Did you know that if you have dry skin it is a good idea to use a body lotion before applying a perfume, to help lock in the scent? In the summer use deliciously fresh body lotions with lemon, mint or orange blossoms to leave your skin super soft. A gorgeous skin requires gorgeous clothing items. What about a maxi dress, a tulle skirt and a backless top? Simply perfect, right?

Dreamy beauty products

You will love the scent of the our products, the mixture of orange blossoms, mandarins, iris, cedarwoods and many other – they evoke a perfectly ordered, fashionably appointed life we always seem to be dreaming of!